Cosmetic Bridges

Bridges replace one or two missing teeth and are permanently cemented to your adjacent teeth after teeth preparation. They consist of an artificial tooth anchored to the natural teeth on each side of the gap. However it is becoming more popular to replace a missing tooth with an implant because the adjacent teeth are not disturbed.

Missing teeth should be replaced for the following reasons:

1) To improve appearance

2) to prevent stresses causing damage to other teeth

3) to prevent the teeth near the gap from shifting

4) to maintain the natural bite and

5) to improve chewing ability.

“Dr Singh has alway provide me with good service. He has recently provide me with a bridge and that has allowed me to chew comfortably again. It looks good and feels great. I do not know I have it in my mouth great work.”

Christine Flynn

How long will dental bridges last?

Dental bridges can last 10-15 years, provided that you maintain good dental hygiene and eating habits.

What choose us?

  • We make it look natural in appearance.
  • They generally require two appointments.
  • Make sure it lasts 10-15 years.
  • We will improve your appearance, bite issues and speech problems occurring as a result of missing teeth.

“My bridge was made by Dr Singh. It was wonderful and I am able to confidently smile and bite my food again. The horrible gap has gone. All aspects of the treatment explained well and dental team are so helpful. Excellent work!”

Michael Bruce

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