Mercury Free Teeth

The body of evidence that amalgam fillings can cause a broad range of health disorders is continually growing. For these reasons, Eternal Smiles advocates that patients become aware of the mercury free dentistry options because the dental and overall health benefits are proving to be substantial.

What You Need to Know
To correctly remove and replace amalgam fillings it is critical to assure that you will not absorb much of the material in the removal process.

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” My health was not good after several silver fillings were put into my mouth. Dr Singh explained the procuedure and comforted me that things would be better afterwards.  His knowledge reassured me and I had the amalgam filings removed.  My health has improved and feel great now.  I would recommend anyone him to anyone who needs this procedure.”



Process of Removal

Our process of amalgam removal integrates the latest in high technology with scientifically proven natural and herbal substances.

To prevent mercury and other metals from being ingested, our cosmetic dentist uses the leading edge rubber dam system. It employs a flexible shield that comfortably fits in your mouth so you can relax your jaw as we work. It protects the throat, illuminates the mouth, and creates double suction to keep the amalgam localized.

For additional comfort, we provide oxygen for you to breathe.

A new, specialized drill bit is used to rapidly release the amalgam. Throughout the process, copious water is used to cool and remove amalgam.

Learn more about amalgam removal and mercury free dentistry by contacting Eternal Smiles Dental Care for a consultation today. Our holistic dental practice serves patients in West Midalands and closer surrounding communities and other cities of the UK

“My health was not great after the amalgam filings were placed at my dentist a few years ago.  I saw Eternal Smiles as the dental practice providing a special approach to amalgam removal.   Dr Singh went through the options and thoroughly explained the process.  It was a pleasant process with a minimum of discomfort.  I am now after a few weeks feeling so much better and my health issues have been resolved.”                                                                                                                               Steve

Day of Treatment:


Suggested dosages on the day of treatment:


Three charcoal tablets half an hour before the fillings are removed. We will also provide you with Selinium tablets and vitamin tablets and Milk Thistle tablets.


After Treatment:

1. Drink copious amounts of minted water

2. Eat a diet rich in broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower – all glucosinolate rich vegetables that can help remvoe free radicals

3. Consider taking extracts of grape seed, milk thistle and turmeric root, which increase the body’s production of glutathione, and help to remove mercury and flush it


4. Take Spirulina or Chlorella algae, as both are frequently used for detoxing heavy metals.

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