Happy Patients This Month

“First Class service every time. Harginder and his team provide excellent and superb dental care.”

Christopher Davies

“Dr Singh and his team have a very professional and caring dental practice. My experience here has given me confidence. I will always be expertly taken care of. A Five Star service every time.”

Carole Reid

“Very caring team and good at their job. Very friendly. I will always be a patient at Eternal Smiles.”

S Kyriacou

“It’s fair to say that no one looks forward to a visit to the dentist!    However, I always leave this surgery in a relaxed mood knowing that I have been in a very professional and caring practice.”

Jonathan Eden (Accountant)

“I have always been so scared of the dentist. Coming to see Dr Singh has completely cured me. My teeth look amazing now and I would recommend him to anyone. What a nice, easy going professional he is. Thank you so much.”

Lisa Robinson

“Feeling better, looking better and smiling better thanks to Dr Singh’s friendly approach, expertise and helpful advice on keeping gums healthy. Many thanks.”

Cedric Read

“I am delighted with the treatment and care I have received so far from Dr Singh. My gums have never felt better.  My bridge is looking great. Many thanks for your deligence and attention to detail..”

Martin Cumella

“Dr Singh has alway provide me with good service. His root canals done several years ago has not given me any trouble since. He has recently provide me with a bridge and that has allowed me to chew comfortably again. It looks good and feels great. Do not know I have it in my mouth. I would recommend Dr Singh to anyone and his team give great advice.”

Christine Flynn (retired)

“I am an anxious patient. Dr Singh carefully explained the implant procedure. He reassured me that he would look after me.  Everything is fine. The implant tooth feels normal and comfortable. I would like to thank his team for their kind support and the excellent work done by Dr Singh.”

Gillian Bryant

“Thank you for providing me with these great looking private dentures. Dr Singh you have made me a very good, excellent comfortable wonderful set and I have found that they are easier to eat with than my last set. I am pleased with my dentures.”

Mrs Dorothy Reeves

“Lots of reassurance and good advice throughout the root canal procedure.  Professional approach throughout.”

Graham Ryott

“I am please with the work on my teeth done by Dr Singh. Great dentures and I can bite my food easily again and importantly smile.”

Michael Bruce

Temporomandibular Joint

“Dr Singh has made my teeth look natural again. I had an awkward smile and worn teeth for some time.  Thanks to Dr Singh’s extraordinary dental skills and talent I have a great cosmetic result. It’s a joy looking great at special occasions”

Gary Dickenson

“I was worried about the appearance of my teeth and could not show them to anyone. I found Dr Singh to be very helpful and he explained the procedures slowly. He allayed my fears and doubts that I had before treatment. The dental centre is comfortable and superbly presented. He has made me confident to bite my food better with new dentures and crowns. With my new crowns my smile is so much better. He has given my confidence back and self esteem. They know what they are doing and can do it properly.”

Amelia Pye

“I was recommended to Dr Singh by my family after seeing my old dentist for many years. The path took me to receive great care. Dr Singh attended to my teeth with great attention. I had many crowns and fillings. It was very helpful treatment to make me smile and eat better again. The procedure was not unpleasant but explained step by step. I now have a beautiful smile not afraid to open my mouth. We all need a smile and he has made me happy again”

Reta Stiles

“Thank you for the kind attention you have given me. My teeth look a lot better than when I started treatment to make them whiter. Dr Singh I have appreciated the kind advice you have given me for my bridge and hygiene advice too. I am very pleased with the result.”

Joan Owen

“I was recommended to Dr Singh. I had a Complete-Makeover and it has been worth it. Thank you for the kind attention and diligence to making my dental treatment painless. My smile’s great again I love going out again.”

Carol Jones

“I was quite apprehensive to have extensive dental treatment. Dr Singh and his team Hasvinder and Julie took care of me at every step. Every question I had was answered. I am now very pleased with the end result. Many of my friends have noticed the difference with my smile. My nerves have settled since beginning the treatment. How relaxing it is know that I am in good hands. Hasvinder and Julie have been there to keep me relaxed and they are very understanding. Many thanks to Eternal Smiles I can feel great again.”

Mrs Patricia Butterel

“In normal course of events a visit to the Dentist is not something to look forward to. However, from my own experience with Dr Singh and his caring staff, all my fears were allayed from the moment that I sat in the chair. Their professionalism is so reassuring that I was quickly put at ease. There was no pain.

Dr Singh is not only a true professional, his pleasant personality and expertise as a Dental Surgeon will put the most nervous patient into a relaxed state of mind.”

George Fearns

“Good treatment by Dr Singh, and his staff were very good and helpful. Very satisfied with work done. Very handsome looking smile. My dentures were spot on. Very good fit.”

D Robbins

“I think that I set Dr Singh a really tough challenge and he has gone “above and beyond”. Well done on a fantastic job!”

V Harrison

“Root canal filling – Well explained at every stage of the treatment, very reassuring”

Vivienne Moulder

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Harginder Singh to my friends and family after the excellent dental treatment I have received since he took over the practice.”

Steven Heslop

“Very nice feeling of care after treatment most pleased thank you.”

M Baker

“After years of discomfort, achy jaws and teeth pain, I discovered having my bite slightly adjusted made a big difference to mouth problems. The procedure did not hurt or take very long and I now feel fabulous and more up beat because my teeth meet more comfortably together. No achy jaw or teeth pain either. Dr Singh took great care of my teeth. Many thanks to the team.”

Gill Bryant

“Dr Singh is a very talented and caring. And all the staff are polite and courteous. Highly recommended dentist and practice.”

Kerry Stock

“I highly recommend the dentist service provided by Dr Harginder Singh at his surgery. I am a new patient at the surgery. My dental pain one day brought me down to the surgery. I was seen at a very short notice (only a few hours) for the first time. My unbearable pain was taken care off by the dental surgeon. I am satisfied by the whole procedure and service provided by Dr Singh.”

Mrs S Kaur

“I am very please with Dr Singh’s easy going and very welcoming style.”

Dr A Gibb

“Dr Singh has been the most thorough dentist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in all my life and I am 73 years old.”

B Hewitt

“After many years of being embarrassed about my wonky discoloured teeth, I am very happy to have had my teeth whitened and the two veneers fitted. I feel great !   Dr Singh and the team were tremendous. They were kind, gentle and very supportive. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Tina Goyal

“What a fantastic result, very please with my new white teeth. Very relaxing treatment.”

Belinda Quill

“The procedures have been clearly and thoroughly explained and my opinions and concerns have been listened to and catered for. After treatment the general feeling of my mouth has been remarkable. It was easy and comfortable.  My discomfort has disappeared.”

Paul Davies

“What a wonderful attitude towards the patient that Dr Singh and his team have – all fear and apprehension disappear once in their hands.”

Pamela Clarke

“Dr Singh has been brilliant with my son Daniel, he was very gentle and reassuring and my son came out smiling – Fantastic.”

Dawn Wilkins

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